About the Author

Gina Grad is a radio personality and voice actor in Los Angeles. She has co-hosted and anchored the news at prestigious LA radio stations including 97.1 FM KLSX, 100.3 FM THE SOUND, KFI AM 640, and the Guinness World Record-holding Adam Carolla Show.

In addition, she provides Rose’s voice in the Street Fighter video game franchise and voices a variety of other video games and anime series.

Gina is a proud amateur chef with the food blog Grain-Free Comfort Food and is a member of MENSA.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Andy, and her stepson, “Kidboy”, with whom they share custody.

Gina Loves weekend adventures to Joshua Tree and Big Bear, cheering on her husband and stepson at sporting events, participating in charitable causes, and laughing really, really loudly.

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